Behind the Scenes

Family sessions can be a lot of fun. They are often full of more energy than a couples' session and typically involve a bit more running around. The final product from a session doesn't always tell the full story of the amount of work parents especially endure in order to get photos captured of their precious young ones. The behind the scenes is often not seen (the pleading, the candy rewards, the running, the tears, the "he's never this ways"). I think this sometimes scares parents who want to have their family photographed. They are embarrassed or afraid that they might be alone in this rewarding, but exhausting, process of reining in their children for photos. I mean who, if they are honest with themselves, wouldn't rather roll down a hill then smile at some dude with a camera. I can assure you that every session with children involves a lot of behind the scenes- from the prep beforehand to the beautiful photos at the end, and it is my goal to always make it worth it! I thought this series of photos from one of our last family sessions was really cute and hinted at those behind the scenes moments. 

The Reality of Family Sessions Pinterest Photography