Video Review of Joey Rudd Photography

Reviews are one of the best ways for couples to find and trust a wedding photographer. This is why we love it when our couples take the time to leave them for us after their wedding. Ottawa is full of amazing photographers so finding the one that fits best with you and your day can be a challenge. After looking at enough a photos your eyes start to glaze over and everything begins to look the same. This is why reviews can be so great. Instead of just spending all of your time comparing this photo with that one and trying to determine which one is nicer, spend some time learning about the person behind the lens that you will be spending so much time with on your wedding day.
It is wise to consider your photographer as almost part of your wedding party. You want to know that you will enjoy spending time with them on the most exciting day of your life. Do they make you feel comfortable? Do they act professionally, but also are they fun to have around? You can learn these things by meeting them, which I strongly recommend, but you can also learn them by reading about other people's experiences.
Here are a few of the reviews that many of our amazing couples have left for us online.
We also recently had an amazing couple who offered to do a video review for us. You can check that out here.

Obviously, the photos are important when choosing a photographer. Make sure that you love the work of the person you trust to document your day, but make sure that you also like the person you will be hanging out with on your wedding day.